Imagine if YouTube and Netflix had a child who was really interested in physical theatre? is an educational platform for performing artists, pedagogues and theatre enthusiasts. Our aim is to offer trainings, lectures and lessons on various physical theatre techniques and concepts. Therefore, this is a growing library. The training program offers different levels of videos that range from beginner to advanced.

So, in that regard, it works just like Netflix. You pay monthly fee (or yearly) to access the library of videos, lessons, trainings, lectures, performances... We are publishing a few videos per week that are well worth your money. We try to cover various concepts and subject but if you are after a specific topic, Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA) workshops might be a place to look into.

Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA) is a training and creation facility for professionals in the field of performing arts and more and more specializing in contemporary music and movement theatre with a home theatre studio in Haarlem, Studio MAPA Nederland. For more details please check

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