Walk and play

In this extending series, I share tips for different topics, working on techniques to create the base for the illusion to happen of different situations or building characters. In these short episodes, we combine playfulness with improving skills and body awareness all based on the main topic: walking. It is advised to warm up before trying any of these exercises! What you need is a space of 2x2m.


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Episode 1

Episode 1: balancing on a rope

Here we work immediately on balancing, creating the illusion of being unstable, as if you walk on a thin and insecure, not firmly fixed surface, like a rope.



Episode 2

Episode 2: balancing with eyes on the searching foot

Here we work on balancing again, creating the illusion of insecurity in the body, this time stepping on a small surface such as top of a pillar.



Episode 3

Episode 3: balanced and becoming formal

Here we work on balance. Firm steps creating the illusion of a stable, formal presence with confidence. Relying on a centered alignment creating good connection between the lower and upper body.



Episode 4

Episode 4: formal with accent

Here we contiune working on balance. As in the previous episode, firm steps are creating the illusion of a formal presence with confidence adding the 2nd accent. Pay attention to the phrasing, to the musicality of the step itself!



Episode 5

Episode 5: over with tilt

Here we continue working on balance increasing footwork and tilt, creating a different exaggerated figure. Relying on a centered, well-connected body.



Episode 6

Episode 6: over with a wave

Here we work on an articulated, waving upper body as the main characteristic in the walk. Exaggeration is key to the first step of this practice! After having the sensation already in the body, reducing the exaggerated element and apply it creates an opening for building, embodying a physically clear character.



Episode 7

Episode 7: wave and heaviness

Here we contiune with the articulated waving upperbody adding heaviness to the steps and clear characteristic to it. Exaggeration is the key to this practice!



Episode 8

Episode 8: wave and lightness

Here we keep working on characteristic, based on the articulated waving upper body adding lightness to it. Exaggeration is welcome to this practice and exploration!



Episode 9

Episode 9: Marionette 1.

Besides balancing, we focus on leg-arm coordination, rhythm in relation to breathing. Lifting the leg is with what we call a 'surprise' breathing. Look for elegance and lightness in your steps, movements!