Physical Acting for Singers

Based on selected individual exercises suitable for small spaces as an introduction to the ABC of stage performance. It aims to help improving awareness of the body, such as posture, balance, focus, articulation in all sense, playfulness as we know from mime technique, grounding, general condition with a focus on the core elements and awareness of spatial relation and finding relation between breathing and action. The program was developed for the Opera Studio Nederland and later for the Conservatory of Amsterdam. For the intermediate trainings can be helpful to check out basics, exercises which can be found in the series 'Introduction to exercises', 'Good Morning Body' and 'Musicality of Movement-Basics'. For exploring more playfulness check the series 'Walk and Play'! What you need: space 2x2m, comfortable clothing.


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Episode 1

Alignment - Neutrality

Alignment - neutrality. How are they related? Individual session, where the balanced body posture is in focus. Helping to find 'neutrality', the 'white page' as the base.



Episode 2


Connecting to space using active focus is more than the eyes we know. This episode is an introduction to the articulation of the spine. More specifically the possibility of moving around a vertical axis.



Episode 3

Articulation-Arms & Hands 1

In this episode we focus on articulating arms & hands, feeling where the movement is happening and how.



Episode 4


How the beginning of a movement can define it's meaning. What is the difference between the two ways 'from outside in or inside out'



Episode 5

Walk - play

A sequence of selected different 'walks', giving a little insight of playful practice on concrete chosen issues. You can take the examples and practice in your own time.



Episode 6

3 axes for lower back mobilisation

This 10 minutes warm-up is finishing with a focus on lower back mobilisation. Introducing the 3 axes to move the pelvis in 3 different isolated direction. Beneficial for everyone, especially with a complaint in the mentioned area - in that case, the '3 axes movement' is recommended to be repeated regularly, especially on the floor: on the back, hip wide open and bent legs, feet on the floor. Small micro-movements with no tension elsewhere in the body.



Episode 7

Articulation of actions - relation to an object

How a specific quality of our actions can tell about emotions? Here we play within a simple frame, leaving space for improvisation with speed/timing, the decision of moving or not, putting emphasis on the direction we choose: body, head, eyes in relation to object and space.