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Teaser Mime training in MAPA

Teaser Mime training in MAPA

The Wednesday regular mime trainings in Studio MAPA Nederland are open for professionals. Here is a teaser from a group exercise about switching and listening, led by Ide van Heiningen.

scheduleFeb 4, 2021
personIde van Heiningen

Introduction to exercises

Episode 1 - 'Sneez' access_time 00:18
Episode 3 - 'Grey Pole1' access_time 00:30
Episode 7 - Shiver access_time 02:02
Episode 8 - Spasm in 4 access_time 01:08
Episode 11 - Jelly Fish access_time 01:38
Episode 15 - Teaser Mime training in MAPA access_time 00:21 visibility