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'Musicality of Movement'

'Musicality of Movement'

This magical performance took place in Splendor Amsterdam on the 27th of January 2020. Tap dancer Marije Nie invited Virág Dezső with her students to form a special evening where improvisation, the real-time composition is in centre based on the Musicality of Movement approach. Classical singers from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and master students from the Utrecht Conservatory and MAPA created a poetic world where action, music/sound intertwines on an impulsive and sensitive way.

scheduleJan 11, 2021
personVirag Dezso


Episode 3 - 'Dada for two' access_time 10:22
Episode 4 - Pas de Deux I access_time 07:14
Episode 6 - 'Window' access_time 08:13
Episode 7 - 'Musicality of Movement' access_time 11:27 visibility
Episode 10 - 'Mary's Baby' access_time 03:16
Episode 16 - 'MAPA's PERDU' access_time 06:47
Episode 21 - Memento Mori access_time 08:47