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'Atlas' by Sanne Krijgsman

As part of being a MAPA Studio Member, it is required to create and present a 'SALON' program, which can be a solo production or ensemble work.

scheduleJan 15, 2021
personIde van Heiningen


Episode 3 - 'Dada for two' access_time 10:22
Episode 4 - Pas de Deux I access_time 07:14
Episode 6 - 'Window' access_time 08:13
Episode 10 - 'Mary's Baby' access_time 03:16
Episode 13 - 'Atlas' by Sanne Krijgsman access_time 06:30 visibility
Episode 16 - 'MAPA's PERDU' access_time 06:47
Episode 21 - Memento Mori access_time 08:47