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'Plat du Jour' by Yung-Tuan Ku

'Plat du Jour' today’s special. It is a percussion solo piece with live projected image. The piece is made possible by the great facility and inspirations from Studio MAPA Nederland. Stay foolish, stay hungry and keep enjoying. Recorded by Virag Dezso on 3rd November 2018 in Studio MAPA Nederland Created and performed by Yung-Tuan Ku - Taiwanese percussionist /performer / mime. As part of being a MAPA Studio Member, it is required to create and present a 'SALON' program, which can be a solo production or ensemble work. Members are guided in their artistic path and enjoy a full access to the laboratory theatre, Studio MAPA Nederland.

scheduleJan 11, 2021
personIde van Heiningen


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