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Sounds behind the closed window

This piece is a collaboration of 3 classical musicians exploring the way combining different disciplines. Dorota Matejova the initiator of this project, has chosen one of her poems to be the guideline for the performance. The process was made possible by the Production Facility Lab (PFL) program, which is a short term residency offered by the Moving Academy for Performing Arts, in Studio MAPA Nederland. Co-creators, performers: Dorota Matejova / traverso, poetry (SK), Yung-Tuan Ku / Percussion (Taiwan), Lucas Bernardo / violin (Brasil)

scheduleFeb 8, 2022
personIde van Heiningen


Episode 3 - 'Dada for two' access_time 10:22
Episode 4 - Pas de Deux I access_time 07:14
Episode 6 - 'Window' access_time 08:13
Episode 10 - 'Mary's Baby' access_time 03:16
Episode 16 - 'MAPA's PERDU' access_time 06:47
Episode 21 - Memento Mori access_time 08:47
Episode 22 - Sounds behind the closed window access_time 28:17 visibility